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How to Get Into the Holiday Spirit

By December 12, 2019No Comments

We are lucky to live in such a fun and exciting city as Los Angeles, but with the relaxing beach, blue skies and beautiful palm trees, it doesn’t make it easy to get yourself in the holiday spirit before Christmas. So we want to share with you some of our favorite tips that help us get in the true cheerful holiday spirit even in a sunny place like Los Angeles.

  1. Light a holiday scented candle, to make your room smell like Christmas.
  2. Listen to a Christmas playlist. There are so many good ones on Spotify!
  3. Bake or buy some yummy holiday cookies.
  4. Put on your favorite Cozy lounge/Pyjamas set
  5. Light a bunch candles instead of using your regular lights
  6. Make some hot chocolate with whipped cream.
  7. Cuddle down in your sofa with a blanket
  8. Lastly, put on a Christmas movie. Our favorites are The elf & The Holiday

Now you are filled with holiday spirit and ready for Christmas!