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Favorite Coffee Shops

By February 18, 2020May 27th, 2021No Comments

When starting a new business, freelancing, studying, or simply just wanting to grab a coffee, LA has a lot of great coffee shop options to explore! We are going to share with you some of our absolute top favorites!

Primo Passo Coffee Co

Located on cozy Montana ave, this place is stylish and has great tasting cappuccinos. Even though the cafe doesn’t have wifi, it is always full of people working and being productive. Very inspiring!

Espresso Cielo

Around the corner of Third Street Promenade, Espresso Cielo is a perfect place to go and get work done in a beautiful motivating atmosphere.

Great white Venice

Across the street from the famous Venice Sign is the most beautiful little cafe called Great white. Not only do they have great coffee, but their food is both healthy and so tasty!

The Verve Cafe

This amazing place is located all over LA, so everyone can get a chance to try it! Our favorite one is The Verve Cafe in Downtown LA on Spring Street. The café is a big open space with large windows and a lot of greenery which makes this coffee shop in DTLA feel both cozy and bohemian.