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Maria Nyrén is a graphic designer who is devoted to supporting brands before and beyond launch. She helps brands genuinely thrive through purposeful, comprehensive, consistent, and clear engagement with the right audience. Through collaborative relationships with her clients, she cuts through the noise to heighten enduring brand remembrance, dedication, and expansion. But most of all, her collective belief that a brand is more than just color and shapes, that it is a feeling, built on trust, personality and relationship.



Maria Nyrén sees her work as not just a project but that she gets the great opportunity to help brands become their best and reach their true success. She does that by together with her clients finding a way to creatively express their true brand personality. The strongest motto within her work is “Together we will create your dream brand”. Working “with” the client is very important instead of just working “for” the client. Making them understand that they are heard and a part of the process. That their voice matters and that together we will be able to create their dream brand.


Branding Design

The identity of your brands is the core of your brand personality. The visuals should express who your brand is and what you do. Let’s create an identity design that communicates the brand’s values and story to your audience.

Web Design

A website is the first place your future customers and audience will get to know you. Lets create a website that will be the perfect digital representation of your brand and help you grow. 

Digital & Print 

Make your brand complete with having all your digital and print assets beatutully designed and express your brand vioice viusally.

Social Media

Have your social media make your brand be even more successful through creative designs. Making sure it is cohesive with your complete brand personality and also represents your company the way it should. 


We are incredibly passionate about what we do. If you are interested in expanding your brand to make it more of a lifestyle, then you have come to the right place. Let’s start the creative process together.

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